A stretch where the race begins, and where the adventure starts

The grandstand section is where the traffic lights go out, and the competition begins. Accelerating, your heart rate rising, knowing that you’re going to enjoy what happens next to the full.

The first section of the Grand Tour of Catalonia also starts strongly, with Barcelona and all of its charms. It continues southwards, passing through iconic places including Montserrat and Sitges, down to Tarragona. This section should be taken in a relaxed frame of mind, enjoying every straight and every second.

A stretch full of stories, and history

There are stretches full of stories, and stretches full of history. This is one of them. The most technically challenging bend, uphill, with Mas La Moreneta in the background.

This section could easily be compared with the second leg of the Grand Tour, which leads from Tarragona to Lleida. A route packed with roads full of stories and monuments, which will take you back through more than a thousand years of history.

A section for competing, and for sharing

This section is perfect for lovers of competition, the adrenaline rush and the feeling of living every moment to the fullest. An ideal section to share with your family and friends in the stands, and now from your home as well.

The section from Lleida to La Seu d’Urgell on the Grand Tour is also perfect for sharing. With its dizzying scenery, the best starry skies in Catalonia, the Pyrenees… this section is an unforgettable journey in itself.

A stretch for winning, and for losing yourself

If you like to keep up the suspense until the very end, enjoying the uncertainty of a fantastic finish, enjoying the pressure of the final bend, knowing that you’ve reached the moment of truth… If you like excitement right up to the finish line, then this is the section for you.

Section 5, from Figueres to Barcelona, is the last section of the Grand Tour of Catalonia. A path along the Costa Brava that was previously undertaken by pirates and bandits, which you can also follow. A section that may seem like the end of your journey, but is actually just the beginning. Because no matter what happens, you will have had an experience you will always remember.

A stretch for accelerating, and for pausing

Arrive at top speed and shift down through the gears to brake before the tightest corner on the circuit. This section is the point where time stops for an instant, and everything suddenly moves in slow motion.

There are also a thousand places between La Seu d’Urgell and Figueres where you might stop: viewpoints, restaurants, enchanted forests, volcanoes, medieval villages… If the Grand Tour were a racetrack, its fourth section would be the right place to stop and refuel.